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There are few things as good as getting together with your friends, family and those closest to you for an epic and unforgettable adventure. We all plan trips for one reason or another but planning just takes so much damn time.

As people who have had to arrange a lot of trips, to a lot of places, for a lot of reasons, we thought there has to be an easier way. So we figured we'd create that better way. What's The Plan is designed to save you stress, time and even some cash when organizing your next group getaway. We do this by streamlining the planning process and helping you to discover activities and services you actually want to experience.

We're a small team, working from all over the world, with a mission to create a better way to plan and execute your adventures.

We'd love to hear what think of What's The Plan so far. You can click that tab on the right --> to get some quick feedback or leave us a message in the chat below.

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